Day 1.5

The first day is always a bit of a haze, so we can count the first day as 0.5:) The teams are arriving, from all areas of my life, and the US. Santa Barbara, Memphis, Chicago, Abingdon…as always, it is a grand reunion, and such a joy! We have thus far converted an idle shell of a hospital to a facility with 5 operating room beds, a recovery room complete with critical care monitoring, a preoperative holding area, a pharmacy and inpatient medical/surgical ward. With an early core of volunteers, we are now ready to receive the big mission family!!!!

As  always, our hosts are gracious, the local team of volunteers excited and hard working, ready to serve their own. Seeing the Philippines through the eyes of friends who have never been, and through friends who call this part of the world home can be illuminating. It is hard not to learn a lesson from even one day of carefully sorting through precious medications so as not to lose one bottle, or one syringe to waste. We do much with little, serve many with a few. Our “few” is the largest ever, with 41 volunteers on this mission! We look forward to serving many, however, and many hands make light work.

I am so excited for our team, to experience this work in a personal and professional way. I am excited for myself and my family, to continue to grow with and through each other in this work. We are so blessed. And we are so grateful to be here.

Please pray for us, send good vibes, think good thoughts, and maybe check in every once in a while.

Go time!

Friends and family!

Mission 2015 is in full effect! All of our medicine orders have been placed and we are in the heat of shipping preparations. Thanks to the support from our crowd funding campaign, we are able to fill in the financial gaps of our recipient town! We otherwise would have had to limit the usual bulk of supplies for the receiving town.

Yesterday we held the first of several packing parties for our upcoming trip. The theme of the day was clinic meds! We are able to purchase large quantities of mission medicines via MAP International and in doing this, provide more than $10,000 worth of medication for the community at a mere fraction. We serve on average between 2000-3000 people in clinic over the course of the week. Any medications left over are endorsed to the local public health authority that we partner with.

Here we are, packing hypertension and diabetes medications!!!

Medicine Packing Party #1!
Medicine Packing Party #1!

In case you didn’t notice, this was our first ever crowd funding campaign, so thank you for everyone’s patience as I learned how to fix our broken links, write thank you’s and post blasts on social media. 🙂 We hope not to have to do this very often, but it is nice to have the option!

many thanks to friends near and far for this success! people from all parts of our lives (india, APQC conference, prior missions, Med School, work, and family!!!!) have contributed! What community!!!!
Many thanks to friends near and far for this success! people from all parts of our lives (india, APQC conference, prior missions, medical school, residency, work, and family!!!!) have contributed! What community!!!!

Lastly, we have received some generous donations of surgical and medical supplies from my alma mater hospital, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital! They sent us these two lovely boxes of surgical supplies that will most definitely come in handy! We frequently come across children with neurological problems requiring neurosurgery. We now have the capability to be prepared for this particular need, thanks to my friends in Santa Barbara! Humbled by their generosity.

IMG_0252Thanks so much for reading and please keep the prayers and good vibes going! Our mission work is ongoing, both at home and abroad! We invite you to join us! Until next time…